10.500 m2 of Working Area
200+ Employees
100% High Standard
93% Items Recovered
5 Continents Served
EuRIC Textiles & SMART


We harness cutting-edge tech to enhance human capabilities, fostering specialization and proficiency. The latest systems bolster manual work, promoting learning and professional growth.

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Daily, we process 100+ tons of material, of which over 41% is destined for the Reused market and 3% for vintage; the rest is destined for recycling (fabrics, yarns)and only the remaining 6% is instead destined for landfill.

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Texval prioritizes eco-sustainability by recycling used clothing and shoes, actively preserving the environment and reducing pollution through repurposing discarded garments.

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The trust and esteem of our international clientele form the bedrock of our ongoing professional growth and success. Contact us and become our partner Contact Us
Leader in Textile Sustainability.

Sustainable fashion that balances economy and environment. Hope for a greener future

We promote ecosystem conservation and quality in the second-hand sector
Texval Kft, with its experience and reliability, has established itself as a leader in the wholesale sale of second-hand clothing and footwear today
Its leadership transcends business boundaries as it places sustainability and ecosystem preservation at the core of its mission. One of Texval's most distinctive aspects is its commitment to waste reduction. Currently, 62% of clothing discarded in containers is reusable, and 37% is recyclable. These items are carefully processed by Texval, reintroducing them into the consumption cycle. This initiative not only preserves the environment but also helps reduce landfill waste.
We save 100 tons of clothing every day
We promote sustainability and recycling, one garment at a time
High-quality products, selected with care and dedication

Reviving Used Clothing, Comprehensive Sustainability

How Does it Work?
With a sorting and selection capacity of a remarkable 100 tons per day, Texval Kft is committed to providing only items that meet stringent quality standards. This dedication is reflected in the results:
40% selected product, a sustainable future for Africa
Texval Kft stands as an example of how the second-hand clothing industry can play a significant role in promoting sustainability and economic development. Its dedication to the African market is a tangible sign of its commitment to creating a better future for all.
Global Sustainability
African Economic Development
Quality and Value
3% of vintage clothing becomes works of art
Thanks to our experience in sourcing original material, we stand out in the second-hand clothing world with our refined skill in recovering authentic vintage masterpieces. These pieces, rich in history and charm, offer a distinctive advantage to our customers seeking authenticity and value.
The Charm of Vintage
Careful Selection
Commercial Differentiation
51% used clothing: valuable resources for a better future.
We stand out for our commitment to turning used clothing into a sustainability opportunity. Our continuous technological advancement and focus on reducing environmental impact clearly demonstrate our vision for a better future in the fashion industry.
Focus on Sustainability
Innovative Technologies
Promoting a Sustainable Future
With its cutting-edge approach to processing used clothing, Texval Kft excels in waste reduction, discarding only 6% of the material processed Request A Quote
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From our headquarters, first-rate Customer Service

Driven by excellence and dedication in the second-hand industry

We focus on providing a high-level shopping experience, with a highly specialized team that takes care of customer needs, from selection to post-sale support.
Experts in export management, we streamline the process for international customers and ensure regulatory compliance. Precision guides every aspect of exports.
Building strong and lasting partnerships %
Recovery of processed products %
Recycling %
Pioneers of innovation and sustainability in the textile industry

Excellence in second-hand clothing that embraces the future.

Texval is at the forefront in adopting innovative technologies and processes, investing in its team's training to ensure excellence and sustainability. The company is a proud member of prestigious associations, EuRIC Textiles and SMART, showcasing its commitment to a more responsible textile industry.
Texval is a proud member of EuRIC Textiles, a leading association in the textile industry. The prestige of being part of it lies in the connection with other high-level companies committed to promoting sustainability and textile recycling. Being a member of EuRIC Textiles not only strengthens our credibility but also provides us with the opportunity to actively contribute to innovation and sustainable progress in the industry, positioning Texval Kft as a point of reference in the sector.
One Team, One Vision: The Advanced Texval
99.9% Customer Satisfaction Dedication to exceeding expectations, pride in consistent near-perfect experiences, reflecting unwavering commitment to excellence and customer-centricity.
Reliable and trusted services to meet all your business requirements, feel free to request a free quote today!!
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A long history of success in the second-hand clothing industry

Texval: 15 Years of Excellence in Textile Recycling

Thanks to a strong background in the recovery and recycling of used clothing and footwear, Texval is now a well-established player in the field. We manage every aspect of the process, from order to shipping and the required documentation, providing our clients with a comprehensive and reliable solution. Our long history of success speaks to our dedication and expertise in the industry.
Qualified Employees
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Clothing Recovered
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    Texval, international used clothing exports

    Texval stands out as one of the largest exporters of used clothing to other countries, thanks to the substantial volume of reusable
    clothing generated in our factories.
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    Located in Algyo, Hungary, our offices are staffed with a multilingual team that is eager to assist you.
    We take care of everything, from the order, to shipping, to the required documentation, up to delivery.